Baby - 4 years Day Care Nursery & Pre-School

Our Care

Throughout your child’s time at Rhymes, activities are built around a learning journey tailored to their individual development.

In each room the experiences offered are appropriate to the child’s age and include both indoor and outdoor activities. Children are free to play on their own or as part of a group. This helps them to develop self confidence and social interaction. Children learn most effectively when they are enjoying themselves and having fun, this is why we promote learning through play. In the rooms, equipment, resources and outdoor play facilities ensure that the children have constant access to a wide variety of activities and areas that support their development and learning.

The Individual Learning Journey

Where ‘Little Learners’ thrive (0-2 years)

From the start we encourage your child to have fun exploring and developing their learning. Little Learners have daily access to the garden and we provide all-in-one waterproofs so they can enjoy the outside in all weathers.

All play rooms have allocated areas for activities such as mark marking, maths, small world, heuristic play and many others. The rooms are set up to allow for the children to self-select
toys and equipment and move around the areas independently.

Key persons ensure that experiences available for your child are appropriate for their stage
of development and interests, this ensures that they are likely to participate and achieve.
A baby diary is updated on a daily basis so you can see how your child is developing.

Toddlers (2-5 years)

Picture of Heath classroom Your child will learn, grow and have fun through play.

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage, we support active learning through a balance of adult initiated and child initiated activities. Particular attention is given to communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. These are crucial to encouraging your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, to forming relationships and well being. These prime areas are supported and strengthened by developing skills in literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

The nurseries operate free flow play which is only interrupted for main meals. A rolling snack is made available for approximately 1 hour for the children to choose when to eat. This enables them to become fully involved in their play, although staff will give reminders to ensure they all have the opportunity for a snack.

The outside classrooms have been developed to provide allocated play areas outside as well as inside, this allows effective learning to take place in both environments. Activities and experiences are planned for by observing your child’s current interests and stage of development. Key persons use the observations and ‘WOW moments’ (notes left by parents) as part of the assessment and record-keeping process, to compile the child’s learning journey.

The 'Extra Factor'

Extra activities are also organised for all age groups. All children benefit from a wide variety of activities and meeting different people from within the community. We have visits from the local emergency services to highlight safety and a dental hygienist to encourage oral hygiene and healthy lifestyles. Outside organisations also provide extra curricula activities including songs and music, role-play, physical and craft sessions. We regularly take the children out from the setting to provide a wider experience of the environment and world around them.

“It was lovely to welcome a group of your children at Woodbridge Library this morning. I was so impressed with the superb way the children were managed by the two assistants. Hope to see you again.” Library Volunteer.

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