Day Care Nursery & Pre-School 0-4 years
at Martlesham and Kesgrave

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0 to 2 year olds
From the start we encourage your child to have fun exploring and developing their learning. 0-2’s have daily access to the garden and we provide all-in-one waterproofs so they can enjoy the outside in all weathers

The playrooms have allocated areas for activities such as mark marking, maths, small world, heuristic play and many others. The rooms are set up to allow the children to self-select toys and equipment and move around the areas independently.

2 to 5 year olds
Following the Early Years Foundation Scheme we support active learning through a balance of adult led and child led activities. There’s special attention given to communication and language, together with physical, personal, social and emotional development. These prime areas are supported by developing skills in literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, arts and design.

There’s free flow between the playrooms and garden classrooms allowing fun and effective learning outside as well as inside. Activities and experiences are planned for by observing your child’s current interests and stage of development.

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